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Meet the Talent Behind the Glass



Paige Comrie

Comrie holds her WSET 3 and is a Certified American Wine Expert. Beyond wine, she also has an extensive background in Photography and Digital Marketing.

Paige is incredibly passionate about local producers and wines with great stories behind the bottle. 

Hometown: Napa, CA

Katrina Rene.jpeg

Kat René

"Given my own personal wine journey which began with boxes of pink wine, I want to be able to present wine and travel experiences in such a way as to make them accessible to everyone. I’m all about the experience. I want wine to be accessible to all that want to learn about it and experience it. We all have to start somewhere." Kat René is a corporate tax attorney by trade. She holds her WSET Level 3 and is a Certified Specialist of Wine

Hometown: Houston, TX


Kirsten Cluthe

Voz Collective was founded on the idea that women should have a fun, beautiful space to gather once in awhile, away from the daily obligations that pull us in all directions. A place where our voices can be heard without interruption, and where we can connect with other women who become our peers, our mentors, and our friends. 
Voz membership includes a newsletter, member events, a wine club, and other special experiences that we dream up to keep everyone connected. Hometown: NYC

Pouring Wine

Submit your application to be an Ambassador

We are currently adding to our Ambassador Program to work with top women in the wine industry. If you feel like you have an area of expertise and you would like to be considered please send an email with bio to us at

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